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Attorney, Ronald J. Brotzman, is a trusted attorney specializing in estate planning, business law and real estate. Mr. Brotzman practices though out the state of Colorado with his office in Berthoud, Colorado.

Services that Mr. Brotzman provides:

Estate Planning:

Mr. Brotzman provides a full range of services involving estate work. He advises each client on his/or her respective needs, tailoring each plan to best effectuate the desire of such client. The planning includes an analyses of assets, needs and goals of the client, maximizing the plannings tools available to cover estate planning, assets protection, life-time gifts, tax planning and final distribution to heirs and charitable organizations.

Mr. Brotzman provides the following:

Estate Planning Tools:

Wills including Wills with Testamentary Trusts:

Trusts: inter vivos, revocbale Trusts; irrevocbale Trusts:

Supplemental Trusts for disable persons taking advantage of governmetal programs prodided to such persons:

Powers of Attorney for business matters:

Powers of Attorney for healthcare:

Living Wills for final health and life directives.

Mr. Brotzman also provides services for Elder Law Planning, including life-time giving to protect assets and yet obtain Medicaid coverage.

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